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Farm Equipment We Sell:
Gehl Products, Penta Products, Kuhn Products, Kuhn Knight Products, Jamesway Products, Artsway Products, Miller Pro Products, Roto Grind Products, Meyer Products

Company History

Having started in 1971 as McConnell Repair Service, we began from a service shop that repaired broken and damaged farm equipment. In 1973 McConnell Repair Service became McConnell Farm Supply, and moved to the current location in Rosebush, Michigan. By the late 1970’s McConnell Farm Supply was in addition to operating a service repair shop, selling and servicing new and used farm equipment. A few of the first lines of equipment that were carried were Owatonna loaders and hay equipment and Mustang skid loaders. In the early 1980’s an addition was added to the facility as more lines of equipment were also added. A few of the equipment lines added during the 1980’s were Gehl and Knight Manufacturing, now known as Kuhn North America, of which we are now the largest dealer in the state of Michigan. Adding office and administration space in the early 1990’s, McConnell Farm Supply also incorporated, and became McConnell Farm Supply, Inc. Beginning in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s we became very involved in TMR mixers and manure spreaders which was the beginning of the main focus of what the business is today. In the early 2000’s an addition was added for a new service shop facility, and part of the existing structure was converted to the current parts area. In the last ten years the operation has grown to be a leading supplier of equipment and support services in the dairy industry. As we have in the past forty-three years, we are looking forward to the next forty-three years of making your business our business.